What is research, and how can it help you in your path to medical school? In this video, I try to explain all about research and how it can help you succeed in your goals when you are trying to go to medical school. There’s a lot of misconceptions out there in terms of how research works for medical school and I think that it could be a lot easier if someone told me how to get a valuable research experience. Working hard is important, but working efficiently is also important.

Time stamps

[1:35] What is research? And what are the different types of research that you can do?

[2:31] What this video is about

[4:54] Who does research?

[5:39] When should you do research?

[6:23] Where should you do research?

[7:13] What should you say when you have decided on a topic?

[11:40] Why do research?

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